Tasmanian Palliative Care Community Charter

The Tasmanian Palliative Care Community Charter is an agreement between the Tasmanian community and service providers and is the result of extensive consultations with Tasmanian service providers and community members, including Tasmanian Aboriginals and people from a diverse range of cultures and social groups.

The Charter communicates what care and support community members want and need during their palliative care journey, and how the system may be able to respond to those needs. The Charter was developed as part of the Government’s Better Access to Palliative Care program and is based on the Compassionate Communities Framework.

As the lead organisation, Palliative Care Tasmania has signed Memorandums of Understanding (MoU) with a number of organisations, which will see a cooperative approach between parties to embedding the ten principles of the Charter and processes into palliative care practice.

The principles are:

  • Relief from pain and other causes of distress
  • Respect, dignity and person-centred care
  • Good communication
  • Coordinated care
  • Choice and control over the place of care and place of death
  • Fair access to care
  • Support for people who are important to the person receiving care
  • Help with planning end-of-life care
  • Support for the unique needs of children, young people and their families
  • Support for Aboriginal people in Tasmania
  • Palliative Care Tasmania will support signatories to promote the charter through the development of interactive sessions, training and events. For more information on the Charter, contact Dr Christine Materia.

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